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Strategic Challenges of Operations Management

A recent study carried out by Roland Berger and France Supply Chain reveals the concerns and priorities in operations management, based on a survey among a various sample of companies from different industries. Since the covid-19 pandemic in particular, organizations are facing numerous challenges with their operations management process.
 Strategic challenges of operations management

Operations managers are exposed to instability of demand (67%) and risks of supply disruption (61%). With the massive evolution of consumers’ needs, robust and dynamic tools are required for every organization dealing with complex resources assignment issues.

Among the main goals of operations management, increase in service level (52%) and productivity optimization (44%) reflect the necessity of meeting growing demand while reducing costs. To reach these goals, some projects are priority such as reconfiguration of logistic network and planning process (39%) and creation of new supply chain services (31%).

Digitalization and data collection is a first step, but automation of decision-making based on these data is the ultimate aim. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics are key drivers to support better decision-making for operations management (check our blog article « How to level up your decision-making with prescriptive analytics?»).

Atoptima provides advanced and tailored optimization softwares for operations planning that can be embedded in your existing information system. Its cloud-based optimization solvers are able to tackle large-scale operations management problems with highly complex constraints, from strategic planning to real-time re-optimization.

*Source : Roland Berger and France Supply Chain

Updated Tue, 30 May 2023.